CUBS HATRED – Here’s your chance:

Everytime I make a comment on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace..whatever about the Cubs about ANYTHING I get 90% Cubs haters coming back at me with the “loveable losers,” “you’ll never win,” “you are cursed,” “all the Cubs care about is money” blah blah blah. Well this blog is about the Cubs, win, lose, love em, leave em. So I decided to devote one entry to all of the Cubs haters out there. America is all about freedom of expression and believing in what YOU believe and not being judged, so I here by dedicate this entry to Cubs haters everywhere. I ask you to do only one thing when you reply back: Tell me, WHY do you hate the Cubs so much? I’ve given you a list below of various reasons I’ve heard through out the years, but if you have your own hater story, by all means fill in the blank. I still don’t get why the Cubs are hated so much, we’re not the YANKEES for goodness sakes. Is it our players? Our fans? Our management? Inquiring minds want to know. Please share, and be as mean or nasty as you want – after all, I asked for it.

By the way there is a method to my madness. I will have a response to everyone who replies, and I will post to your own blog and promote you, just make some sense or rationale behind your hatred behind the Cubs when you post.

Here’s a list to get you started, you can add on to each bullet or enter in your own:

Why do so many hate the Cubs? Is it because…

1. They get more media attention than most teams (that’s a fact)

2. They have the 3rd highest paying salary in baseball?

3. They make excuses for not winning and blame it on fans like Bartman, a black cat, a goat or whatever other curse they think they have?

4. They pack in every home game, and most away games season after season, win or lose no matter what?

5. The fans are so die-hard it pisses you off that they just won’t quit?

6. The owners seem to care more about money than a championship or so it appears?

7. You love to kick a team when they’re down so it’s easy to hate on them?

8. You know as a Cubs hater, deep down in that dark heart of yours that if they do win it all that it will be the biggest thing in sports history, probably ever to this point and that pisses you off?

9. You can’t get tickets to the game or you’ve never been to Wrigley so don’t even GET it?

10. You dated a Cubs fan who broke your heart once?

11. You just don’t get the movie Fever Pitch and understand what it’s truly like to love the game of baseball and love your team?

12. I can’t think of anymore….I am sure you Cubs haters can.



  1. nwest33

    I can’t stand it when they waste a spot in the post-season. They play tough all season and get there and suck it up. No one likes a choke artist. All the good players any team would like to have and what? Nothing good comes out of them for the post season…maybe this year will be different, but that’s a broken record. Yes, I’m a Brewer fan, can’t deny that they have had many great seasons, so obviously they have to make it there first.

  2. roundrock15

    My problem with the Cubs has always been their fans. #5 is, I suppose, a pleasant way of wording it, but it’s more that so many of their fans talk smack all day long. They go out of their way to insult other teams, about whom they generally don’t have a clue. They have absolutely no respect for fans of any other teams, and generally make giant fools of themselves.

    That’s why it’s fun to watch them lose. It’s annoying to hear someone talk smack when you just KNOW – based on over a century of proof – that they are going to fail. And when they do get their comeuppance, every single year, many of those same fans turn around and blame – as you’ve mentioned – anyone and everyone.

    So many of them don’t have an understanding of the players on their own team, much less any other players in baseball. It’s all generalizing, but it’s for a reason. Roughly 75-80% of the Cubs fans I know fit that very stereotype. I have friends – good friends – who are Cubs fans, and who can sit down and talk baseball over a couple of beers like fans of most teams. But there are so many pains in the tuchas out there that it becomes really fun to watch them fall on their faces, year after year after year.


    Roundrock, that sucks that you know that many douchey Cubs fans. Those people piss me off, because they don’t represent the majority of us. I’ve found that most Cubs fans pay very close attention to not only their own team, but what’s going on in the league. And if you watch a game at Wrigley, you’ll see that the vast majority of the crowd is paying attention and knows what’s up (that doesn’t mean they’re not drinking, of course).

    I live right next to Dodger stadium, and I go to a LOT of games. You want to see fans talk smack? Go to a game there wearing your favorite team’s hat. Doesn’t matter what team. You’ll get about 7 threats on your life per minute, and if you talk back they WILL want to fight you. To me, it doesn’t matter how good your team is, there’s no reason to be an a-hole.

    Personally, I think it bothers a lot of people to see such loyalty to a team that hasn’t won in almost anybody’s lifetime. And Cubs fans have FUN doing it. Yeah, we get our hearts broken every year. But the eternal optimism probably pisses a lot of people off. Misery loves company, you know?

    Like Frank said, some people get their kicks stompin’ on a dream.

  4. roundrock15

    I’ve been to many games at Wrigley and at Dodger Stadium (I live in Sherman Oaks.) I hear stories about people getting harassed at Dodger Stadium; I haven’t had or seen that happen yet, but I’ve heard it often enough to assume it’s true.

    I don’t think it bothers people to see fans be loyal to a team, whether or not that team has won. Indians fans don’t have that stigma, and they haven’t won in a LONG time. Houston has never won.

    Part of the problem for the Cubs, Red Sox, and Yankees is that they have more fans. Ergo, they’re going to have more d-bags. I could go my whole life and never meet a Royals fan who is a d-bag, because I only know about half a dozen Royals fans. I know tons of Cubs, Red Sox, and Yankees fans, so they have more opportunities to p*ss me off.

    Add that they’re division rivals and you start to get the idea. What I don’t quite understand is that Cubs fans don’t seem to be content to just be Cubs fans – they want everyone to love the Cubs, too, even while they’re talking sh*t. Weird.

  5. thebloggerinthegloamin

    I don’t get it, either. I know a lot of White Sox fans who care more about the Cubs losing than their team winning. When the Sox won the Series in ’05, a lot of their fans were busy bashing the Cubs instead of celebrating the fact that their team just won the World Series. My father is a Cardinals fan, so I know all about that form of Cub hate.
    No worries, though. The Cubs will win…someday.


    • gocubbiesjess

      Ok whoever you are thank you for the comment and reading my entries – I think we do deserve it as fans at the very least. Even though our record is 43/43. Oh’s only July, right? Cheers Matt!

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