July Baseball

Ok well here it is. Start freaking out because July is half way over. Just kidding. Playoffs are 2 months away. Whoever is in first in the division is starting to salivate with baseball playoff fever and those in last sigh and shrug their shoulders and can only hope that being an optimist will help their team.

In baseball we all know the season is long. It’s ever-changing, it’s heart-breaking, frustrating, annoying, anger-ridden, joy-filled, and quite frankly – exhausting. It takes a lot to be a baseball fan, to endure all of the months. In a Cubs fan’s case, the bitter cold that sometimes happens in the beginning of the season, the delayed games due to tornadoes in May and June, torrential rain storms in May, June, July, August. Then you have to deal with the game itself. The players, the management, the pitching coaches, the batting line-up that should have changed about 5 series back and is just now getting in the right order (we hope). The money spent on cold beer, hot dogs and whatever else you engaged in during a game (or the many bar tabs from Wrigleyville).

It’s July. If your team is 3 games back you still have hope. Anything can change in the course of a series, a weekend, even one game. July is when you start to clench your teeth and pray to your baseball Gods for your team to perhaps, surge ahead and take it all, win it all.

In my case, it’s July with the Cubs. That means the ivy at Wrigley is a deep green, the summers are hot and sticky when it’s not threatening to rain, and while every win is considered a gift bundled in happiness, every loss in July adds a new line of worry. And while you tell yourself that it is only July, time keeps ticking, and you watch the standings in your division as August creeps closer.

We took 3 games from the Brewers at home, took 2 from St. Louis and still somehow managed to slip and be tied for 3rd in the division with Houston. Um..WHAT?! 

It’s July. Where you shake your head in disbelief one week and cheer with great enthusiasm the next because you team suddenly looks better than the rest. Its full of emotions. Maybe Cubs fans should all get on Prozac during the month of July. I’m just kidding..kind of.

Here’s to the middle of the season – where anything can happen come August 1st. And with that I leave this entry with some of the highlights of the July season and my beloved Chicago Cubs.


Cubspics1.jpgCubs against St. Louis at home



Cubs fans catching Derrick Lee’s HR against the Brewers at Wrigley.


Awwww Soto & Marmol share a bonding moment…

Cubs photos courtesy of the Chicago Tribune



  1. raysfanboy

    The Cubs had better get their butts in gear and take care of business. They are lucky to be only 1 game out right now considering they’ve stunk up the joint this year. I’m hoping to see them do well this weekend and, perhaps, come out on Monday a game in first? Stranger things…

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