Why will the Cubs really REALLY win it all this year? Or will they?

Ok folks, it’s that time of year again, when I subject myself to endless hours of watching WGN, MLBTV and online at work (shhh please don’t tell my day job) watching the Cubs play on the road and at my second home, the lovely Wrigley Field.

So many trades, so many changes, as we finally got rid of the infamous character of Milton Bradley and his idiotic behavior, and gained a multi-million dollar family to own the Cubs (The Rickett family), and the future is faced with the every day fear of one of the country’s oldest ball parks being torn down. What ever will happen this year?

I don’t know. I really don’t know. Every year I think I know. Some years I think it’s THE YEAR. I think, this HAS to be it (circa 2008) when I thought that only God could understand how very amazing, wonderful and truly spectacular it would have been for the Cubs to win it on the 100 year anniversary of them winning it all way back in 1908 when none of us were even on this earth yet. Or in the beginning of each season, when the ballpark grounds have thawed, the brown ivy slowly sprouting green buds, and the smell of baseball, beer and hotdogs filling the air, and the ghosts of players past, long gone, only to whisper the hope of a win that will finally, FINALLY FINALLY end this drought that the Cubs and their fans, WE have all suffered from.

It’s hard not to get poetic or emotional, what can I say? So before I get even further into my wishes, prayers and dreams about another opening season, I really need your help. Why do you think they will win, or why don’t you? I’ve asked for objective opinions before.

Tell me…..fill my BLOG! Do we have the bats? Do we have the pitching? Do we have the coaching? Do we have the pinch hitters, the closing pitchers, the outfield talent? And will Zambrano really get his sh*t together? Give it to me.

Deadline 2/26 so I can post your entries along with MLB’s pictures and MLB quotes by 2/28. Only 50+ days until Cubs home opener.

My official Cubs blog is now OPEN to the 2010 Chicago Cubs season!! I really don’t want to see this posted with the year “2011” on it. Let’s JUST DO IT already!




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